Stability Testing Chamber Rooms

technickon walk-in rooms provide a large volume, validatable controlled environment at a very cost effective price. The modular construction of the room fabric and components ensures that any future re-location and maintenance is very straightforward.

We design and build all rooms and equipment in our UK factory and have the ability to custom build any room requirements – we are not restricted by a standard range.

The rooms are designed to provide the climatic conditions specified in the ICH guidelines, simulating the conditions of all 4 world climatic zones for long-term, intermediate and accelerated testing.

Our walk-in stability testing rooms are custom designed to fit any dimensions, typically starting from 2.1m high x 2.1m wide x 2.1m deep, and can be expanded to suit any Client requested dimensions.

Our stability storage rooms are capable of operating at temperatures of either -20ºC, 2-8ºC or 25ºC to 40ºC and humidity ranges of 20% to 95% relative humidity.

The standard range of stability storage rooms use an indirect refrigeration system to assist with controlling the internal temperature of the room. The chiller is located externally and can easily be removed and accessed for maintenance. It uses a direct refrigeration system to cool a tank of water to a specific temperature directly related to the operating set point of the room. This cooled water is then pumped to a cooling coil and works together with the electric resistance heaters controlled by PWM to provide extremely accurate temperature control.

The rooms can incorporate a bespoke shelving system that is designed to fit around our floor mounted air distribution system. The entire shelving system is manufactured from grade 304 or 316 stainless steel.


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