Door Interlock Systems

Door Interlocks for Cleanrooms, Containment Suites & Laboratories

technickon ltd design and manufacture state-of-the-art door interlock/access systems for cleanrooms, containment suites, laboratories – in fact any critical area that requires door access control. Our designs are lower cost when compared to building a large, conventional control panel and will provide safe, functional, user-friendly, reliable control to any facility.

  • Cleanroom Door Interlocks
  • Containment Suite Door Interlocks
  • Safety Door Interlocks
  • Change Room Door Interlocks
  • Transfer Hatch Door Interlocks
  • MAL In / MAL Out Door Interlocks
  • Bespoke Door Interlocks
  • Testing Room Door Interlocks

All of our systems are bespoke and can provide any operational requirement.

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